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I am at my best when I’m helping other founders scale.

What Sourcing Means

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I started in the recruiting industry backward from most.  I started with name generation.  This pre-dates the tools we enjoy today and in some ways, it even pre-dates boolean search.  I built one of the largest modern datasets before Linkedin, and I sold the company at the end of 2005. 

After that, I had the great fortune of learning sourcing form some of the best in the industry.  I was able to combine several leading strategies with my eye for marketing.  The alchemy between those best practices with my research ability proved to be powerful.  I was able to do in an hour what took most sourcers a week to accomplish. 


Why stick with


"I teach my sons, the secret to success is find what others hate to do and be very good at it."



Extremely resourceful, with a deep network, Jonah is a solid researcher who provides leads fast and with surprising quality.
— Shally Steckerl
Jonah is one of the few Staffing Professionals who really understands “right now response time”. I often give Jonah search requirements and get instant gratification. No muss, no fuss just results. Thanks Jonah.
— Liz Stephens
In a role that demands results, Jonah did just that...he has been a highly prolific sourcer for a variety of very senior level and hard to find roles throughout the US. Jonah worked very well with a minimal amount of supervision and direction and could always be counted on to deliver what was needed. I would recommend Jonah to any organization without hesitation as his value will be immediate.
— Casey Binder
Jonah provided sourcing help for our team and was a big help with finding hard to find candidates, with very specific skill sets in many different geographic locations. He sourced for US and Latin America candidates and was an asset to the team.
— Lisa Condon



I won't compromise. I understand how important both the candidates you do hire as well as the candidates you 'don't hire' are to your brand and organization. As I source for you, I will first be a brand advocate to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Every search I touch will close. Period.


A sample of brands I have worked with over the years

About Me


I learned a few valuable things very early in my career.  First, I had a natural ability to sell over the phone.  This was key because this was an area that even veteran sales professionals hated to do.  The second, I have a high EQ.  Meaning I can perceive very easily a person's intent.

It's not all business for me.  I partner with organizations to help bring education, water, food, clothing to emerging nations.  I micro-invest in startups in emerging nations.  I also partner with ministries and orphanages around the world. 

Meeting with leaders from Pakistan

Interview at SAP Ariba Live